A good teacher is not only capable of educating students with the proper learning method, but also able to enhance their abilities and stimulate their interest in learning, allowing them to fall in love with the language in the process. As such, each and every teacher at Le Zhi was selected after undergoing a strict and rigorous selection process.

Teachers at Le Zhi possess:

  • Professional certifications
  • Rich experiences in teaching
  • Compassion, patience and responsibility
  • Registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE)
  • Well versed in MOE subject syllabuses

teacher-caiMs Cai Wen Juan (Teacher)

Ms Cai a veteran educator well-liked by both parents and students alike, specializes in the designing and compilation of teaching materials tailored to the learning progress of younger children.

teacher-douMs Dou Hong Mei (Teacher)

Ms Dou has worked as a scriptwriter, magazine editor, journalist, columnist as well as a Chinese language educator etc. She was awarded the prestigious “Singapore Golden Point” award as well as the ASEAN Youth Mini-Fiction awards. Patient and meticulous in teaching, Ms Dou is a passionate educator whom is able to discover and encourage further development of her students’ strengths through listening to their inner voices.

teacher-liuMs Liu Xia (Teacher)

Ms Liu has worked as a relief teacher for many local government schools and has helped many language schools in the write-up of Chinese teaching materials. She has rich teaching experience and prefers a lively style of educating her students.

teacher-suMs Su Yao Xiang (Teacher)

Ms Su, a Bachelor of Literature, possesses rich experience in local Chinese language education as well as compilation of teaching materials.