Primary Level Curriculum

Students aged 7-12 will be entering the primary level learning phase. Our language centre offers3 types of courses for students in this phase of education: Enhancement class, Composition class as well as P6 Intensive Oral Preparation Class.

Enhancement Class

The primary level enhancement class is a Chinese language intensive enhancement class catered specially for P1 to P6 students. Curriculum follows closely in accordance to the official syllabus released by MOE and aims to strengthen the listening, verbal, writing and comprehensive abilities of students, allowing them to improve their grades for Chinese language.

Major course content include:

In addition to teaching characters and phrases found in textbooks, we also aim to expand the vocabulary knowledge of students.

Training in topics such as fill-in-the-blank questions for short passages, conversation completion, sentence choosing etc.

Reading and comprehension is both a major focus point and difficulty for students. Through reading analysis of different articles, students will be able to master key answering techniques and methods.

Rhythmic training in listening, oral and writing abilities. We have made changes in our oral expression section, changing from Picture Talk to “Video Conversation” in accordance to the latest syllabus released by the MOE.

Supplementary reading materials are provided to broaden the reading range of students.

Creative Composition Writing Class:

For P2 -P6 students, 2 hours per lesson.

Courses are specifically and carefully designed to progressively impart important phrases and composition writing in a lively, interesting way. Students will be able to fulfill topic requirements and write good compositions after a period of continuous learning and practice.

Comprehension has always been a weak area for many students. It is unfortunately one of the areas to easily lose points in an exam. To effectively help students increase their capabilities in answering questions, we have included training for reading and comprehension for this course as well. Also, we have intentionally added oral test training for P2 and P5 classes (P6 students can join the Intensive Oral Preparation Class during the school holidays). Through short passage recitations, viewing of video clips (or pictures), conversation practice as well as Show & Tell exercises, the course aims to train students’ abilities in oral expression in a comprehensive manner.

P6 Intensive Oral Preparation Class

For P6 students taking PSLE soon. Courses start during school holidays in June, November and December. Each lesson lasts 1.5 hours and focuses on techniques and methods for scoring in oral tests, preparing students to achieve good results in PSLE.