Secondary Level Curriculum

course-intro-pic4Catered for Secondary 1 – Secondary 4 students.  In accordance with the latest syllabus for O’ Levels examinations released by MOE. Teaching materials are carefully drafted by veteran educators to help students cope with examinations in a comprehensive manner and achieve good results.

Learning content for this phase focuses on:

course-intro-pic5Strengthening vocabulary – the correct application of major terms and phrases in learning texts, learning how to correct faulty sentences.

Reading and comprehension ability training – trains reading ability, master techniques in answering questions, learn techniques for long passage summaries.

Composition training – Guidance and training of writing techniques for various literary styles, including narratives, exposition writing, argumentative essays, conditional writing, emails, blogs, speech scripts etc.

Oral test training – Short video clips and popular topics are carefully and specifically chosen to help guide students in voicing out opinions, allowing them to increase their oral expression capabilities and in turn be able to confidently cope with O’ Levels examinations.